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To celebrate the 4th of July, and Derek's upcoming FiftyFifty Tour, his new video ‘America: The Beautiful Collaboration,’ features over 50 (there's that number again!) diverse saxophonists from around the country. Derek arranged over 20 individual parts for all ranges of the saxophone, and sent out a call to all US saxophonists to video record themselves playing them (ranging from soprano saxophones all the way down to a subcontrabass saxophone!) which the collaborators then emailed back to Derek, who pieced them together to create the emotionally compelling and resonant clip. The video premiered via JAZZIZ magazine, on July 2. Watch it above.

Special thanks to all the saxophonists who collaborated. Derek literally couldn't have done this without you!

 AJ Jennings, Alec Davis, Alexander Lipar, Anahi from Texas, Andrew Koubek, Anthony from Boston, Bob Luce, Brian Tillman, Brina Bourliea, Britney Burns, Brittany White, Bryce Baliko, Corey Puett, Dalen Minnifield, Dan Pearson, Daniel Diaz, Dan Ferri, Danielle Walker, David Hayes, Eric Pedone, Eric Morgensen, Erica Reine, Ethan Collins, Evan Pelletier, Freddy Verastegui, Gus Arnold, Helen Olechowski, Ian Cruz, Jabe Hicks, Jackson, Smith, Jake Carrico, Jalen Nickerson, Jaren Nickerson, Jarrett Barr, Jeremy Bustillos, Jeremy Connin, Josh Hebert, Justin Marquis, Ken Snow, Lian Warner, Lindsey Welp, Lisa Osland, Marc McDowell, Mark Wilkinson, Matthew Bowker, Michael Alexander, Miles Osland, Natali Dominguez, Noah Brown, Paul Huffman, Pete Vazquez, Rick Gladding, Sara Whipple, Spencer Morgensen, Stephen Payes, Tara Willgens, Taylor King, Todd White, Wenbo Yin, Zach Wirth


“In this sharply divided time in our country, I wanted to put politics aside, showcase our diversity and celebrate the good things in our nation.” - Derek Brown